Node Summary

February 22nd, 2013  |  Published in Cusp, Ideas

My Node is about allowing for a person’s discovery through the use of transparency and screening.

Node Image: Discovery through Transparancy

The structure of the node is made up of an all glass structure,  I used a fin system in which all mullions are glass as well.  This provides the highest level of transparency in the structure possible.  You are able to see all connections and have a clear view of the bookshelves that line all of the interior walls.  These bookshelves create the next level of transparency through screening the view of the interior from those on the outside.  Depending on the number and location of books on the shelves you are able to gain a new understanding of the space.  As books are removed or moved around your level of transparency changes and you are able to take in more or less from the exterior.


Node Floorplan

The Node is meant to be duplicated throughout the city allowing for a clear understanding of what these structure hold.  Through the use of the same materials and basic form they become a reminder of the Hub which they represent and bring books and library resources to easily accessible locations throughout the city.

Node Site Locations

The Nodes are spread out over the city at high pedstrian and commuter traffic areas.  They are all located near outdoor recreational space that can be used as the lounge for the Node.  The goal of these locations is to create an ease of use for the high number of commuters with little time to visit the Hub Library.


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