Typewriters Resurrection by Jeremy Mayer | GBlog

September 11th, 2011  |  Published in Cool Hunting, Ideas

Interesting work:Typewriters Resurrection by Jeremy Mayer | GBlog.

Found this via Materialicious

As a side note, I think I may have too many feeds in my google reader; it’s getting hard to keep up with everything and when I have deadline and keep reader off it’s nearly impossible to catch up…I watched Johnny Mnemonic last night again and I’m wondering if we’ll actually see something like NAS in the near future due to information overload.

How many times have you been sitting with friends at dinner and something comes up where no one knows the answer? How many of you have; in turn, whipped out your phone and googled the answer?

One of my students asked whether the instant access we have to information is killing the romanticism of not knowing/conjecture/creativity…I don’t know. I like the ability to find things out as they come up in a conversation.

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